Cambell's Beefsteak Tomato Soup ©Edelman

Campbell’s return to original packaging and content
despite the world famous iconic Andy Warhol art
that made Campbell’s soup world famous.



Making of narrative of beatsteak tomato soup.



Campbell's Clam Chowder - Campbell's Cream of mushroom

    Campbell’s Clam Chowder           –       Campbell’s Cream of mushroom



Campbell’s goes back to the future
Whenever Hugh Hicks was under the weather he made himself New England Clam Chowder. Hugh Hicks is my deceased father. I recall that he was never too fond of New England, but he sure placed his bets on its clam chowder. (The crossed out product shown is a can of condensed Manhattan clam chowder. It never made it into our house.)

For my entire life, I was certain that clam chowder holds some magic to make you well again. My favorite then was the condensed cream of mushroom. At restaurants, I ordered fancy turtle soup for its incomparable taste.

With my personal memories, I am in line with nostalgia tendencies. One of the big motivational drivers at the turn of transformation. And I am keen to learn how Campbell’s bold approach stands the test of time. Or do I hope they would never change their iconic look?

How Campbell’s dusted off a century-old recipe to cook up its latest marketing idea. Following a recipe from 1915 isn’t as easy as it sounds…

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Campbell’s goes back to the future