Calling all 49ers

A new breed of digital development company is coming around here for more

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Matthew Moalem was likely first to discover the missing layer from our new world’s communication industry. A gold rush has set in as the industry is jumping on the bandwaggon of cashing in on the change in consumers behavior in the post digital world.


Marketers, agencies, and technology providers are aching to enter the market with a whole new set of solutions but lack the in house resources and expertise with social media to have them successfully executed and brought to market.


Enter modded

You can now call on Matthew Moalem and his established network of digital developers and premium partnerships to help fill production gaps in any conceivable area not available in house. Be it advertising, entertainment or gaming.










The idea of it all being modular and how to leverage the notion has entered mainstream as more use cases pop up with small modifications causing enormous change for the better.
Two birds fly use case, Microsoft ad


Modded’s position is anecdotal to California’s gold rush: it wasn’t the miners who got rich–it was the people who sold the picks and shovels.


  • Modded partners with Microsoft to offer best of breed social enablement marketing, using Microsoft’s best of breed technologies to deliver client messaging, products and services


  • Game Publishers – Gaming ingenuity, now you’ve built it, what now? Time to market your latest game, but you don’t have the budget like the big boys. Let Modded be your social/digital technology delivery vehicle.

  • Tag line “Your ideas/Our innovations”! – WOM/PR, why beat your head against the wall, let Modded take your creativity to a whole new level, and be your trusted managed services partner.


It is now on Matthew Moalem to swallow his own medicine and make his modded communication work magic for prospective clients to follow his lead. Modded must be a content provider and thought leader for its new business model to unfold. Give ’em some rope.


Matthew Moalem is founder and president of Modded. A new breed technology developer for the post digital age. E-mail Michael.