An aggregator to consolidate ideas that do, helps with offering orientation for our ad industry and their clientele. This will speed up the much needed transformaton and allows for a profitable passage way for participating agencies. I am looking to find sponsors to help with creating a powerful enough platform.


Your support is welcome.


In response to Gareth Kay’s call for transformation at AAAA’s annual conference, I caught as a video posted March 19, 2010 on Viddler or rather on Faris Yakob’s blog which I visit frequently, I am set on launching an aggregator with help from the ad industry, and for the ad industry as a whole, so we can focus on Gareth’s suggestion, which I trust to offer a universal solution and a pragmatic call to action, that we as an industry need produce ideas that do. The aggregator then, comes in handy and provides orientation for the better of us all. As Gareth puts it: “It’s not what we do, it’s what people do with what we do.



If we as an industry have to produce ideas that do then we have to undergo some dramatic change. Change not simply in what we produce but change in our philosophy, processes and behavior, change in the way we think how communications work, change in the way we work day by day, change in the way we get paid, and change in what we believe constitutes a great idea.¹


Excerpt 4 from 10 top prediction für 2013 by Freddie Laker and Markus Spiller [© 2010 Sapient Nitro. All rights reserved.]


4. Rise of content-aggregators

The volume of online content is exponentially increasing. The majority of users own at least three profiles at social networks. How to best manage the volume of dynamic content? Content aggreagator come to the aid by offering special interest content to vertical markets. There is an enormous need for filtering and administering content. Solid business awaits those hosting relevant, easy to obtain content services.²


Despite the high cost of time, energy and skill in making ideas that do, it is imperative that we begin to change starting right now, because if we don’t I genuinely fear we risk becoming irrelevant to our clients and more importantly become even more unwelcome in peoples lives.¹ early look & feel rough
early look & feel rough


Call for transformation

Let us as an industry be more like bower birds. Let’s build brands fit to live, thrive and create value in a post digital world
Let’s get into the business of making communication products and get out of the business of simply communicating products.¹


Classic creatives

Classic creatives are good at turning around great work as long as they get to see an idea of what it may look like and can get their hands around it. The aggregator aims at doing just that.


Aggregator to drive creative for our industry

  • let’s you showcase your agency’s ideas that do
  • provides proof of concept in numbers
  • stimulate your agency and your clientele to do ideas that do



I’d be relieved and excited to hear that you and your agency has arrived with me at the conviction that ideas that do will indeed return trust in our ad industry and that you wish to support the idea with help building a powerful enough platform. Drop me a note or comment below.


¹Excerpt from Gareth Kay AAAA presentaton
²Translation from SapientNitro, Germany © 2010. All rights reserved.


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