This is now

This is now


Shortly after I was born a black sheep equipped with orphan optimism, I knew that if my mother would ever sent me to art school, I would arrive there knowing there are two ways of designing a great ad:

<em>Michael Schirner's IBM typewriter ad</em>

Michael Schirner's IBM typewriter ad

  1. By means of reduction

    as did Michael Schirner for his famous IBM typewriter ad

  2. Overly cluttered

    as the iritading layouts of tabloid newspapers suggest.


<em>cp+b credentials</emn>

cp+b credentials

50 years later, I stumbled upon Nitro, Chris Clarke’s dynamite new business model of an ad agency which has arrived (in modern day marketing). #4 of Nitro’s 8 principles welcomes Newton’s law of marketing: “Every trend is followed by an equally strong counter trend”.