business is purpose (Hugh MacLeod)

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Business is purpose

It used to be that smart executives thought the purpose of business was about ideas like “maximizing shareholder value”, “providing extraordinary returns”, “maintaining a sustained leadership position”, etc.

What many people are realizing is that these are outcomes from having a true, well understood purpose. Profits are not your company’s ‘purpose’ – they are an outcome from doing things well.

“Purpose” is why you get out of bed in the morning. What is it that drives you and your team? What matters? What are you for?

Sure it’s money, professional/industry standing, and everything else. But there is something much deeper. Find it, and you’ll make more money, your business will thrive, and everyone in your business world will be happier.

BTW, it’s cool for purpose to change over time. These days, for us, what started off as “cartoons on the back of business cards” is now about transforming work through art.

We now know businesses can be happier and more creative places by surrounding people with art that articulates meaning, purpose and values.

Pip pip !!