© Murakami Brooklyn Museum of Art

© Murakami Brooklyn Museum of Art


Proposition brought forward to the New York art industry and Crozier Fine Arts in particular.

There are stories to tell at the intersection of art, handling the art, young artists working for Crozier Fines Arts, New York technology, registrars and curators exchanging views and experiences… It’s mind boggling.


The biggest story of all is to lean back one day soon and remember how it helped the art industry get acquainted with and feel comfortable in the new world.

Just like it took some time for Robert Crozier to make friends with carrying an iPhone and eventually responding to messages he found worth his time.

People love to post pictures. Why should that be any different with registrars? Registrars consume themselves with art imagery. It’s at the core of their profession and it also is their prerogative.

Give them an idea of where particular people congregate and they will come. Pinterest offers an elegant and easy way to share imagery and why should it be any different with art imagery? Pinterest is already known as the preferred virtual gathering spot for female journalists and oppinionators and has enjoyed even greater momentum than any of the older social networks. Besides it’s inherently nicely interconnected with facebook & Co.


CFA Pinterest invite

Hand over in person. Drop into the envelopes when sending mail.


What does CFA got to do?

You got to be there first and make it known to customers where to find you.


Now can we get to the solution according to Glaubit’s briefing?

We are already there, in midst of a viable, practical solution on a local budget. Check your mail for the password and go here.