Invite only: Score your next job


Fall in love with your next job


Brighter days for job seekers?

The short answer is no.


An unprecedented myriad of great new ideas is coming our way most every single day.

New business ideas, design ideas, product innovation and the occasional idea that did.

Oddly enough there is a scarcity of ideas to help with the most pressing issue, that of unemployment., an invitation only service can’t help with the underlaying issue, mashable’s Sarah Kessler however reports an aimed for reduction of applicant’s resume overload with data science.

Like, Bright feels a bit like a dating site, eventually providing an experience to increase matching applicants with openings.


Oh and then Katie asked me to add this:


Meanwhile back in Germany

The largest job board run by government offices is proprietary.

Available to those registered as unemployed only.

Google won’t find jobs in Germany largest data source.