Zhao Huasen

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Facebook is the new suburbia

Facebook is the new suburbia says Hugh MacLeod

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Rome 80 AD. As arena the colosseum was 400 years in operation.



Bread and games 2012

The colosseum in Rome, G+ and facebook suburbia have at least one thing in common: Free entry.

Circulating debates, if those about copyright and intellectual property or privacy versus publicness (etc.) have in common, to be inquiring a response to the monetary question, where is the beef, how about the bacon and how can I get a piece of the pie.

The only known documentary of Jesus having a fit of rage, was when he witnessed the commercialization of the holy city.

Social media is here to exploit your last sanctuary: Your cognitive surplus.

With facebook & Co. the user is the product in their business model.

The Mounting Minuses at Google+ are developed from a lack of participation.

Jesus must have felt his anger over the greed of the dealers and the cause of diverson of the sense and purpose of the actual pilgrim shank.

Business skill without greed?

An aggregator to document business skill without greed is what I ask.