Buzz Jong Un by Pau Bonet

Buzz Jong Un. Courtesy of Pau Bonet


“Will Korea attack?”

It was {UK}Stingray who asked me, [UT]Onrie during a game of UT99 if North Korea would attack. I said: “No” and the case was settled. At least for now. And it is a relief to know that the US government’s reaction is cool calm collected and that embassies in North Korea such as Germany’s located in Pjöngjang stay put.


Buzz Jong Un with Wookie

Buzz Jong Un. Courtesy of Pau Bonet makes
daughter Elizabeth‘s Wookie look pale in comparison or does it?


UT99 another challenging game play

How to re-socialize, add social competence and brand yourself with a fun game of Unreal Tournament.

UT99 is a first person shooter computer game with a loyal following and a difference. It is being played in a modded version of the original Unreal Tournament since 1999. Rather than accepting the industry standard of playing soldiers in a hostile environment, the digital athletes organized themselves in the now defunct GMC (giant map clan) movement with their own set of maps and the gravity set low which allows for greater movement and removes the gamers from dragging their feet as experienced in daily life. The players are the size of cockroaches which explains coining the 99 movement movement as GMC.

The maps are not battle fields as the industry has made it a standard, but environments we all are familiar and comfortable with since early childhood. The settings are arenas, the bathroom, the backyard, the patio, the master bedroom and the kids room. Decorated in infantile manner and with badly rendered graphics of 1999.

The gameplay is however likely the fastest and most ferocious around with what is has been called the best game engine ever developed.


    Unreal Team

      ~Sin~ Clan

        ~ScA~ Boards



        U N R E A L     T O U R N A M E N T

        Calling all 99ers


        A few Unreal Teamsters are placing their bets on an UT99 Renaissance. Simply by updating their media to an international web standard.




        What branding can learn from game play

        What to do when your name tag besides the clan tag is the only means to convey an image and make your name known? One name spelled out in all capitals =MoR=POOSTICKS was particular sticky and good reason to become a member of the Leicester family clan MoR. Names such as Storm, ~SiN~Sparks, buggerlugs, mur, Candy, cowbell, Zeisel, ~ScA~ULTROX, SkyDog, Becky, EMPRESS[CK]Amanda, have left me with a long-lasting impression that outperfomrs that of many commercial brand names with enormous budgets.

        There were also clans with a solid understanding of the horrible reputation first person shooter games must have, who took action even with finding proper clan tags to change the reputation and make themselves desirable: {SPORT} and make FPS gamers understood as digital athletes. For one clan, proof of employment was part of their recruitment politics. Beenie’s stoke of genius to form the GMC was an early aggregator example to consolidate the clans in one organisation.

        I learned how social communities work and how it feels to move along digitally long before crap aggregators such as facebook came along. I stopped playing UT99 and re-entered the game as Onrie in a terrible yellow pyjama after that. Now I can play without getting hooked as in smoking a cigarette occasionally.

        Thank you all for making me a more people focused marketing man.