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After a while I felt like reducing industrial design to industrial.

The receptionist get’s to answer the phone with “bsi” rather than Bodo Sperlein London.


But does it dissolve into behaviour?

Remember, Bodo Sperlein, the renown industrial designer wants to see a change in the branding of his London based design consultancy, specifically resulting in a somewhat more unique use for his logotype.

The above sampling embraces his current corporate identity with a difference, the efficiency of a three-letter acronym, abbreviating his full name and adding industrial to reflect the evolution from small boutique shop to industrial strength design for a growing international clientele.


Both three-letter acronyms are intended for rather cautious, sparse usage yet aim at dissolving into behaviour:


  1. bsi: diverting attention to general industrial design.
  2. BSL: a platform for unsolicited propositions.



From the repository






rise regular & all caps
rise reg. being a favourite


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