Bavarian automaker challenges automotive website design with disruption

[column width=”42%” padding=”5%”] places their bets on general lifestyle not product. places their bets on general lifestyle not product

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Regional sites keep focus on product, product, product.

Regional sites keep focus on product, product, product.

Bavarian Motor Works

Bavarian Motor Works

Munich, Bavaria’s carmaker, world renown for its sportive take on family cars has broken with automotive website tradition of focusing on product, product, product. Instead their brand site sports a more general outlook on lifestyle instead.

Bavarian Motor Works are well known in keeping with local traditions down to their logo signature, centered on the Bavarian flag, a symbol for Bavaria’s blue skies and the occasional cloud—caused by a weather symptom from the nearby alps, known as “Fön”. BMW initials are spelled out to a beautiful, full blown proud “Bavarian Motor Works”.

What makes a carmaker proudly set on traditions break with automotive website traditions?

Have a look at You won’t get to see the all so common touting of new car models.

BMW is first to market with consequences they reached by observing potential customers search behavior.

“SEO is not the chic, glamorous imagery, but the careful analysis of data.”

—Jörg Poggenpohl, Head of Digital Marketing BMW


A search for say, BMW X2 won’t take you to, but directly to your respective country site’s landing page for the BMW X2.

Country sites remain focused on product. The .COM site caters to your lifestyle values.

Poggenpohl says that today, you need a perfect triad of technology, content and classic craftsmanship in digital marketing. Especially the latter is neglected love.

But does the paradigm shift pay out?

  • Mobile access has increased 27 percent to 50% overall usage.
  • Average time on site: 4min
  • Page views: 4-5 [Alexa: 2.68]
  • Country sites visits have increased
  • Visits of decreased
  • Alexa rank global: 41,913 USA: 22,232
  • Alexa rank, country site (de) global: 24,090, Germany: 1,013


For non-banded keywords such as “autonomous driving” BMW have achieved a pole position in google ranking even before Wikipedia with organic searches.


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