animated Louis Vuitton product

Please notice the signatures on the inside


Jeff Koons’ Louis Vuitton campaign
caters to your inner child

For the Vuitton-Murakami collaboration, Takashi Murakami was happy with coloring the symbols. He left the world famous pattern intact.

Now Jeff Koons replaced the famous patterns altogether with paintings of famous artists. Nothing so new. Many will recall the weekender tapestry bags that featured majestic paintings.

Placing signatures on the inside has long been a practice at GAP. Balenciaga just borrowed it blue bag from mass market brand IKEA’s well known tote bag. So yes we are finally learning from one another.

The marriage of the arts community with Vuitton owners won’t do much either. It won’t do what merging rap with heavy metal did to the numbers.

Bare with me. One daughter reported of a visit to Portland OR for a concert of the Magnetic Fields. The stage was set as a toddler’s room.

The first person shooter I am playing is age old UT99. Its maps take place in the rooms we know from our childhood days. The kitchen, the master bedroom, backyard and so forth.

Look at kitty, the culture of cute invading from Asia.

Munich legend and founder of a series of red hot discotheques, Peter Wacha (Startup). He recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday. He still looks exactly as I recall him from 20 years ago. My girlfriend says, he kept in touch with his inner child. [maxbutton id=”170″]