The race is on for young talent



Black sheep agency
drops Leo Burnett’s pencil
on young recruits

BBH drops Leo Burnett’s pencil on young recruits.



Black sheep wanted



London Agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty is looked upon with highest regards of any agency. Same here.

Without knowing who I was stealing from, I built my first personal site based on a BBH print ad on a NeXT slab in Robert Crozier’s living room in SoHo, New York:


Panic. Vomit. Cope. Run


A steal that was rewarded in 1986, with an award by New York’s Society of Publication Designers (SPD). A win and head-start, I entirely owe to BBH. And here I go with putting a lovely poem down that may be experienced the majority as to hold many great points for what makes a black sheep. I stand corrected and no one in his right mind will want to lend his support and stumble such malicious entry.

Closely knitted into the fabric of creative shops, I’m well versed in the history of advertising and its adored founders. I recommend the lecture of their biographies to anyone who wants to make a living in this most alluring of all industries. Claude C. Hopkins, David Ogilvy, William Bernbach, Leo Burnett, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet…



A nevertheless catastrophic recruitment ad

Today the more interesting stuff comes from anywhere on the web, rarely from traditional ad agencies. But great tv ads remain the agencies most valued product and will likely make up the business model of ad agencies to come. In Europe, tv is king and by way of content, the most reliable transformer. Two German agencies deliver the best tv ads and are the exception: Heimat and more recently Dojo.

Here now a recruitment ad by BBH, ignoring their iconic black sheep DNA. Instead, the ad focuses on boring platitudes owed to the blogosphere. And plenty of what-you-gotta do and what-you-gotta-be, everyone can so much better do without.

Creatives have Bartle Bogle Hegarty to thank for their early revelation of the creative DNA. It became the symbol of creativity and their logo. A symbol challenged only by Chiat/Day’s death scull-head.

Their families, their teachers. their peers traditionally look down on their black sheep. All creatives are traditionally black sheeps.

But you can see creatives laugh all the way to the bank, with an entire industry catering to them Allowing them to make a living no different from that of doctors or lawyers. Being that black sheep is a creative’s greatest challenge. It’s a tradition. A legacy and a most wonderful oportunity.

All this is what this recruitment ad misses out on. It fails the great revelation and putters on with boring platitudes stolen from the blogosphere. A catastrophe.

Black sheep wanted