Stingray Perception & Reality

Stingray Perception & Reality



Helicopter View
Blue Oyster Cult
The One
Best in class
Category of One
Belly Up
Smells like fish
Second to One
misses class
Category of none (cheat)



We’ve been playing Unreal Tournament from 1999 for the longest time. From our earliest childhood on that is. For most part it’s Stingray and me. Lately a few good players have joined and messed with us. Stomper, The One, Fuzzy Bear, Maehsi, SubZero and this guy I can only recall “sinister” from his name tag. When lucky buggerlugs hops in and devastates us. Sadly Sparks and Storm no longer play. And hell breaks loose when Shadowman enters.

Where are you Chuck?
And where have you been Dakar?

Stingray likes calling me his Huckleberry Finn or his bitch for short. The key combination we use most often is that for “You Suck”.

If you now wish to join us, you’ll find us at

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