A view from our window seat reservation, makes us realize that the wingtips now every so often show a sudden upward bend.

With the decrease in fuel resources and increasing air traffic, airlines have finally copied from birds and learned, that by diminishing the turbolence at the wingtips, they can save fuel and perhaps improve flight dynamics.



Aircraft wingtips

Screenshot from a video by otherjustine © 2011 otherjustine. All rights reserved.



Three ‚S’ now dominate our anorexic economy – taking their interdependence into count: spending, saving, sharing. It has increasingly become obvious, how little things can make a big difference and how bionics offer orientation with administering and increasing productivity of our ad branch.

Savings can be easily achieved by our choice of software while making everyday more fun and easier to come by. The omnipresent MS Word is known to be bloated, 80% of its features will never be used during business hours nor beyond. Apple’s Pages offers far superior price performance ration. With a €60 licenceplace, Pixelmator could replace the €700 Photoshop pricetag as tool of choice of our creative units. Pixelmator loads at a fraction of the time Photoshop requires and offers much, if not all comparable functionality in a more elegant user interface design. Comparing Powerpoint to Keynotes may result in even more drastic results. Apple’s iCloud may lend some magic to inter office communication and provides most elegant sharing with the client side. If only corporate America can snap out of resistance -it’s so french!- and with more iPads moving the corporate space, a swift switch to easier to use, more efficient offers from a supplier who has a proven understanding of Zeitgeist and how to move things in the post-digital age may become reality. It will help make the American workplace a more sparkling, more desirable one and eventually help fight stupidity and unemployment.



Nature wingtips

What the industrie can learn from nature.



Classic creatives are great in turning things around and do brilliant work, when they are shown where to go with their work.

“We now live in the age of ideas that do.”¹
The Fun Theory by VW and DDB Amsterdam provides a grabbag of what ideas that do may look like. As far as I am concerned, Gareth Kay has long cracked the code on how to bring back the magic to our ad industry, with his presentation last year at 4A’s transformer conference and what the ad industry can learn from the mating habits of birds. Watch the video here. You may also want to watch Cindy Gallop’s 3 min. manifesto to get a more complete idea of what makes us be transformative. Practically and mentally.


¹ Ideas that do was coined by Gareth Kay from Goodby.