Is Pitchfork ignoring the European market now that Britain no longer takes part?



Bilderbuch Engine




Plansch (splash)



Feinste Seide (finest silk)




Schick Schock

Schick Schock














Bilderbuch Machin

One word song titles, a two word album title, friendship photos
and good fate with typography and design.



If you are the only Austrian to shake his ass, you are the hottest Austrian shaking his ass

Toss aside lame duck songs such as Diskokugel (mirrorball) or Suppenkasper (CDD1). And not even the German language will get in the way of global success. You use language in your songs sparingly. People anywhere decipher your vocals even though in German. It’s pop music, geez. Songs carry names like “softdrink”—what is there not to understand!?

Pitchfork, the most trusted voice in music, has yet to discover German language bands. Qualify them for the US market and keep them on their radar.

Aside from Bilderbuch, there is Beatsteaks. Without the Brits (#brexit) will not work in favour of the European music industry.

Everything is just dandy with each of you boys from Bilderbuch, good games you all, brilliant.

Stick to the vocals of Prince, Falco and vocoder. Keep stealing from Kanye West and Peter Frampton2.

Austrians had a quicker grasp than Germans. A quicker grasp to first learn the skills to play any instruments like their American idol. A firmer grasp to steal like an artist.

But there is one German band to have on your radar, Beatsteaks.






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  1. Concentration Deficit Disorder