Today for an idea to be big it better be a long idea

We now live in the age of ideas that do. The post digital- and post pc era and most exciting time in the history of advertising. How so? We are good at problem solving. We are confronted with and asked to solve much of what the great founding fathers of advertising had to do. With a difference: We must bring the magic back to our industry.¹ Gareth Kay², bionic ad man, who introduced a rather practical solution on how to bring back the magic in his year old, 4 A speech on what the ad industry can learn from the mating habits of birds, now suggests a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

¹ Cindy Gallop was first with the discovery that bringing back the magic is what we must do for our ad industry to prosper.
² Gareth Kay coined ideas that do. A term and practical solution on how to bring back the magic most immediately.


  • Slow Marketing and the Long Idea—Nigel Hollis, Milward Brown
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