Leon Bridges ~ Beyond

Bridges who lives in Fort Worth explores soul music that is more likely attributed to Mississippi and Chicago than to Texas’ fifth-largest city. He’s not interested in following current tendencies and prefers to be in the company of soul singers that must have existed between the hits of Wilson Picket or Percy Sledge. Such beyondness of suspects of success makes him appear unique. Bridges is an obvious fit for Khruangbin aside from having toured together. They want it funky and funky groove is what you get.

I was about to suggest Khruangbin’s ‘Texas Sun’ featuring soul singer Leon Bridges, with a funk-injected twist of country music but felt ‘Beyond’ to be better suited to demo Bridges adorable capable voice. Pitchfork‘s Andy Beta may be right with his side note that the ep comes across somewhat half baked.

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges present Texas Sun

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges ~ Texas Sun