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Between the bars, Elliott Smith Cover by Brown Bear (Dido und Boy Alex)




Between the bars

A song by Elliott Smith, who had brought the young hipster movement under his spell early on, and who was much loved and adored.

I finally found the mp3 my daughter sent to my mailbox in early 2006. Her voice is translucent, a bit like that of Leslie Feist, yet understandably not as commanding, determined nor trained. Possible though, that Dido knows what she is doing with her voice, it feels well-tempered, no? Alex Haager, her musical sidekick knows his stuff and reliably masters arrangements. I hold him in high regards for his dry humor and brilliant song writing.

Oh, and Dido can be adventurous, she laughs out loud. Working as a custom designer at the state theater in Linz, Austria, she currently might be convinced to play along at being a good girl and supporting her theatre with great diligence and and two charmingly trained hands at her craft.