Logo redesign
Why bring on a Janus head to lead the party when one head (Kevin K├╝hnert) is standing out in making politics understood?
A look stripped down to the bare necessities and a red rose no one will talk about while its the best and most interesting corporate identity of a political party in years.

Years ago a bright mind has confirmed that Germany’s Social Democratic Party has successfully accomplished its program and is no longer needed. The party has achieved for Germany what Bernie Sanders aims to achieve in the US. It may have been time to move on to something entirely new, a Social Democratic Party for Europe (SPE) perhaps.

Alas, the party wants in on the new age and does it better with a red rose than with talks and promises. The website is cool too. It’s nice to look at, provides instant orientation which contributes to the user experience and stands in sharp contrast to its political competition.

What may make you wonder:

  • No word on the rose in any media.
  • Website is powered by Drupal not WordPress.

The media is consumed by following the general tendency of being down on the party, why not also mock the red rose?

What measures and means brands resort to provides insights on their behavior and how serious they take their own preaching and principals. I already know that they are taking their core value of being one of the two most powerful peoples parties in Germany not serious enough since the website is powered by Drupal instead of WordPress. Even though Drupal is open source and has a serious following it’s made for developers not users. Not for the people that is. WordPress, however, is made for users (the myriad of mummy bloggers and food bloggers are proof its made for them).

My adored readers will come to wonder how treacherous such detail can be.

Into the new age, the

But of course, the party aims to be heard as moving into the new age rather than getting noticed by a mere visual clue signaled by a red rose and a cleaned up corporate identity.

Their new visual appearance, however, has struck me as equally successful as have their enormous accomplishments 1 You might think that Germans must show respect and be grateful for such accomplishments rather than putting the party down who improved their lives.

  1. The welfare state, general access to education and health care, and the fight for fundamental rights has improved the lives of many people and led to more equal, fairer and safer societies.[]