Marcel Duchamp is a big French fag

Sexy paintings by sexy painters for sexy people

Those guys are pussies




Beauty is embarrassing

“I think when you are an artist, you want to put your work out there just for the exubrance of being creative and then you feel bad about yourself…”

Wayne White‘s up beat nature will always help move past any condition of lesser comfort.

It was with Alice Cooper that I became aware of professional conduct with art. After each show the guy washes of his gory make-up and goes sit in front of the tv in an undershirt and a bottle of beer in his hand.

Nothing amateur like here.

Wayne White is coming to your movie theatre with a familiar message popular with start-ups and their new business models: “Do what you love, it’s gonna lead to where you wanna go.”



Local: Not without global attention

This film by Neil Berkeley was shown earlier this year at SXSW in Austin, TX.

Popularity is a prerequisite with Kickstarter, the project received $56,450 from 348 backers.

Berkeley’s film makes White’s art (product) scalable and accessible.

The democratising of art takes away the boredom.


Florian Süssmayr Hofbräuhaus, 2003

Michaela Mélian, Bags, 1989



Don’t believe in God, believe in your product

Wave to the machines, a product must be scalable.

Sale isn’t embarrassing, not selling is..

Art fears business fears art“, says Seth Godin.

That’s not what my local artists care to hear.

They are concentrating on maintaining their one-by-one made contacts it took a life time to consolidate.

Curators, gallerists, Feuilleton writers by which they had no energy left to become aware of more influential trend of new technologies and new media with plenty of new ideas.

“It won’t work like in the states.‟

I assume that Munich artist will have to go to Texas. Preferably with a guest performance at DLD Women in Munich already attained.

They say, people are buying the conviction put into a product.