Foto: Steve Remich für das Wall Street Journal.

Photo: Steve Remich für das Wall Street Journal.



In case you have not yet achieved to have a milky way named after your beloved one, Rockefeller Plaza still doesn’t carry your sweethearts name, no park bench carries his or her name and no greetings are waving from the shoulder of Orion, the New York Bronx Zoo has a Valentines Day offer for you that will make your heart skip a beat.



Elusive, resilient
Love is like a roach



Bronx Zoo Valentine's Day promotion.




What is intriguing here is of course the resourcefulness of the Bronx Zoo, To be talked about.

Since last year, my daughter and I, have been working on an unsolicited proposition for Tierpark Hellabrunn here in Munich and she has furnished remarkable illustrations. More on the pitch at, when my business idea is ready for launch.
Name a roach

$10 As they say, roaches make the heart beat faster.