Bavaria waves at the machines[column width=”47%” padding=”3%”]

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A young girl is first to wave at the machines

That’s right, much like the merry girl operating the remote, Bavarians have begun to have empathy with machines. After all, don’t young Bavarians spend more time with machines, than with parents, teachers or their peds?

Would an hour per day spend with coding be a worthwhile occupation as valuable as learning the alphabet?

When James Bridle coined “waving at the machines” prägte, he must have had in mind a contribution to the much needed definition of the new aesthetic. Orientation in the new world.

Even though the girl in the video is playing a practical joke for personal, private pleasure, everything is becoming a public affair. It is advised for any digital doing to be done in the service of your very own interests, by which a business interest is preferred.

To keep the economic gear train humming, Bavarians promptly and readily wave at the machines.


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