Hollywood star Chloë Grace Moretz

Hollywood star Chloë Grace Moretz

“Many shy away from going barefaced when heading out, when in truth, their glow hails from within. Japanese premium skincare brand SK-II hopes to shed beliefs that makeup is a definitive equivalent to a person’s confidence.”

Mikelle Leow | Design Taxi

SK-Li, the Japanese premium skin-care brand tabs into the current tendencies toward so-called authenticism with their ‘#BareSkinProject’-campaign featuring Chloë Grace Moretz refreshingly bare faced. She prepared for the shoot with ‘Facial Treatment Essence’, the brand claims.

Meanwhile we feel drawn for infinite reasons in the spell of a fellow being, thing or brand.

Curiosity brings our attention to anything unheard of or unseen. But so does disgust, envy, jealousy or hate.

These days, super model Heidi Klum, who does a good job, can be seen on even more publicised pictures then usual. She trust to haven fallen in love with Tokyo Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulit and knows how to make use of the glow and sparkle one owes to the bloom of a fresh love affaire. Love makes the loving glow with bliss, and such glow then reflects from their surrounding. The pro in Heidi Klum is aware of such magic moment.

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