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“I have a great favor to ask for.

Be in close proximity of these systems.

You will recognize changes in how people value everything, which in consequence, will become obvious in behavior.‟


“Make new and better use of the people’s readiness for political engagement.‟

Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse giving his iconic speech at the German Parliament


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10 thesis

The emotional led debate over negative personal and social effects of digital media is an expression of the usual restraint with new technology.

The allegedly excessive demands caused by digital media information flooding is a question of master strategies and is not caused by having arrived at bordering our principal capacity.

Because of the structural and functional state of development we have reached with the internet, a growing need emerges for people to actively engage with the social process.

With enormous networking density, spontaneous activity of users and the existence of longer durating, rippling excitations, the web offers a greater probability of avalanches to occur.

With the possibility of spontaneously occuring mass movement through resonance formation in social media, the power has shifted from the provider to demand.

The enormous increase of the number of users and the adjustment of the age distribution of users to the total population, the internet dynamics are increasingly becoming a mirror of society dynamics.

The increase of insight ability of social concerns caused by the web’s transparency, combined with knowledge around the power of resonance formation, now sparks the re-politicalization of the public.

Strengthening public interest in the play of the forces between different stakeholder perspectives demands maximum transparency and sustainability from businesses and institutions.

The shift in power enabled by the web presents the greatest challenge of our time for organizations with system control and competition focused strategies born in the industrial age.

The disproportion existing in the Internet between experiencing vapor of interactivity and permanent storage of digital footprints increases system-dependent the risk of abuse.

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