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An A.I. baby-bot comes to the aid of easing depression symptoms with our elderly and lonely.

Babyloid is a therapy tamagotchi and was developed by Masayoshi Kanon, an assistant professor at Chukyo university in Japan.

Japan is beting their future on developing robots unlike us, the innovation nation for everything else (ideas, user interface design, package design…).

Babyloid is expected to be marketed at around £830.

Cute babyloid will not be taken serious before my guest country, expected to rise to having the oldest population in the world, will recognize its usefullness.


Emotions are expressed by minimal, cartoonish, facial expressions.


Puppet baby faces are creepy

A reductionist icon face assisted by a repertoire of up to 100 vocal expressions are aimed at invoking protective instincts and numerous sensors initiate unexpected, uncontrollable Babyloid behavior.

According to New Scientist, initial tests at a retirement community found that proponent are being helped, by the arising sense of responsibility, becoming occupied with babyhood and the illusion of being needed.