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Mark Sargent photo: Harald Hufnagel

Mark Sargent
Photo: Harald Hufgard







I am a classic creative and marketing man. With a difference, I have engaged in the making of digital marketing in New York City and Miami South Beach from its very beginnings.


People should fall in love with their eyes closed ©PEANUTS


Today I have a good idea about how brands balance perception and reality to become an active part in people’s lives.

How your businesses can gain its greatest advantage from the promise of permanent proximity the web is offering.
And how advertising is transforming to a DIY utility for great story telling—made in house in a more responsive, self-sufficient fashion.


    • Let’s do FaceTime and drill down to what may be the issue
    • Within two weeks you’ll receive a password protected proposition incl. a business rationale w/visual & media clues, and a brand theme that will get you immediately up and running
    • The brand theme is a reflection of your company characteristics. A CM system leading to a more responsive company in the early 21. century.