Budd Caddell, Neil Robinson, Gareth Kay

Budd Caddell, Neil Robinson, Gareth Kay





  1. Budd Caddell departs from Deutsch LA to help build Undercurrent’s office in Los Angeles.
  2. Gareth Kay says bye to Goodby presumably to really do ideas that do as founding partner of Zeus Jones in San Francisco.



Your perception is not deceiving you, when you are under the impression that another break through innovation is questioning your methodology every two minutes.

It may come as a relief to learn that life changing innovations don’t come around every 2 minutes but take their time. Innovation must stand the test of time, grow some patina and have a history. They take time and as a result of an evolutionary process they don’t make nearly as much noise as do revolutions. More often than not, dominant innovations won’t even hit the headline news while evolving and spreading.

For the attentive designer and listening business owner, emerging technologies are foreseeable and manageable given the time you need.

Same holds true with the internet which celebrated its 25 anniversary only yesterday.

The web allows me to work at a pace I find suitable for me and to do the work in all privacy I find advantageous to fully concentrate on the task at hand.

Amazing things happen more often in the digital world than in the physical world due to perception. While amazing, honorable performances occur as often or as scarcely in digital as they do in phsyical ways. Same difference. A distinction between digital and physical has become less helpful for the 21. century. One life.

It’s happening now, that two of my favourite thought leaders have departed from their powerful network agencies much like myself.

Bud Caddell, who I came to enjoy as a reliable blogger and who’s blog design indispensable insights held the role of ‘invention strategist’ with Deutsch LA for the past two years and has earned a reputation with colleagues, peers, the trade press and clients.

In 2010 Gareth Kay delivered his stunning transformer speech at the AAAA , by comparing the mating habits of the bower birds with the DNA of the peacock (the coat of arms of David Ogilvy’s trumpeter swan), thereby introducing a feasible and purely practical solution to issues introduced by social media.

Incidentally Budd Cadell’s new employer Undercurrent was first to market, in communicating Kay’s insights as the universal solution it offers to what the ad trade believed to be individual issues.