asshole theory

via phonecall w/Ivonne


Asshole Theory

We tend to despise the aushole amongst our own ranks for her superior abilities, that make her move ahead of us on the career latter


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What makes us stay behind?

False conceptions, traditional moral conceptions, both of which seem as if part of our DNA. Our terribly wrong idea of good and bad. The imposed burden of false modesty. In many cases, the reality that beloved ones in their very own interest are trying to hold us back.

You tell me.


What is so difficult of being an asshole?

In Bavaria, it is common to be insisting on everyone being an asshole. Some of which we like, others we don’t. To move on with your corporate life, you must become an asshole no one likes.

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Ivonne, from who I got the idea, insists.


See also good and bad

Doing is good, not wanting to be good. Good beings are increasingly miscredited for a reason. They wish to be viewed as good people. Mismanagement has become a way of life. Pest control won’t make you rich besides work has never made anyone prosper.





Rocking Machine, 1970, Herman Makkin.