Angry iPhone S4 shoppers. © 2012


Shoppers tossing eggs at apple

Outraged shoppers in Bejing and Shanghai waiting the night for the Apple store to open react to the delay with tossing eggs at the store.

Allow me to add growing concerns of my own since the event of OS X Lion and the introduction to iCloud.

If you want to take full advantage of switching workspaces with running applications and worked on documents in place from the previous session, you must upgrade your system.

Upgrade to 8GB and faster clock speed than 2.26 GHz when moving to OS X Lion. With 4GB, your system will crawl like in the early Eighties.
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Blowing in the wind

With iCloud dropping address book entries, you can only recover, if you know which entry to look for and have time machine recover it.


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When it rains it pours

Keep a safe backup of your data on one of your devices, likely your iMac’s time capsule at home and keep an eye on data synchronization.

Synchronization was reliable with mobile me, with iCloud it is not.