Mit den Lemon Twiggs in die Schule gehen.

Go to school with the Lemon Twiggs

The Lemon Twigs | As Long As We’re Together

Long Island teen brothers Lemon Twiggs made their mark as actors (Sinister, People Like Us) before recording last year’s baroque-pop full-length, their second, with Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado for Britain’s venerable 4AD Records.

Kathy Fennessy

Unlike most of the Sunday songs in here, it’s virtuos, something to learn from how a band can do otherwise, now that everyone wishes for everything to be in another way and most certainly don’t meant it.

Pitchfork recently mentioned the title of an American punk album to read „There are rules”. Rather accommodating the current tendencies of re-educating behavior of the broader population. It’s not made easy to fly a proper turn in a steep learning curve. Especially when you get to accept that when you think you’re through and done with a given project, it’s where and when successful creatives only get started.