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Mark Landis



Ehepaar Helene und Wolfgang Beltracci





The Con Artist: A multimillion dollar art scam



Interest in arts is huge.
Interest in con art is huge.

No artist was pulled in such a manner into the public, as the couple Helene und Wolfgang Beltracci, not even ©Murakami.

Con art and the great art swindle fascinates people, not arts. Previous entry points at statistics, suggesting that people are most interested in curiosities.

For the German couple Helene und Wolfgang Beltracci it offered a business model, to make good living from. Regardless of a forced upon social standard by a majority. The art of living, regardless of forced upon bohemian social standards. An empty stomach and renouncement included.

Toward the end of their 4 and 6 year sentence, prison officials granted the Beltraccis vacation days. So they could appear on German TV talk shows, to promote their book. They now need a new business model and book sales won’t fund the needed legal defence. Art sold with Wolfgang Beltracci’s signature will.

Meanwhile in the US, the prolific art forger Mark Landis, maintains forging art not as his business model. A donor of giveaways, propelled by philanthropic motivation is his claim. Landis acted as fatigued art collector and donor or Jesuit priest. He duped registrars and curators with feathered voice. He wanted to see his ‘give-aways’ on display in America’s highest reputed museums and art exhibitions. The great art swindle went on for 30 years. Until Matthew Leidinger called out: “He messed with the wrong registrar”.

If international copyright is not in question pops up in this and various other contexts. A long overdue answer must prevent knowledge transfer to break.