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autofspace.comGoran Minov, Martin Biela und Christoph Mayer are engaged bloggers, thought- and opinion leaders for since November 2010. A MRM lab project by MRM Worldwide in Frankfurt, Germany.


Late but great entry into customer relations with automotive heavies such as Opel, Vauxhall and Saab. Much to the liking of MRM heavies Landsberg, Kolb, Burleigh and certainly Oren Frank, is a potentially powerful crm tool concentrated around the impressive automotive clientel. Favorably playing out for employee branding while at it. A marketing blog with focus on automotive communication and mobility, aiming at a more efficient, brand neutral, knowledge exchange amongst automobil greats and their agencies.


a real world impression
Idea agencies and research institutes were first to sport a lab blog of sortss for more efficient knowledge exchange. Economy and politics will rush to follow suit.


Curriculum: An industry leader, MRM will want to take the concept further, turn it into an innovation along the way and achieve a user driven knowledge exchange and the involvement of stakeholders at all levels including a mechanism to validate results and honor result oriented conversation drivers.


Involve stakeholders from all levels of the organization starting with the early product development including manufacturer, their agencies and customers.