Foto Hauptbahnhof München: Andrea Huber


Foto Hauptbahnhof München: Andrea Huber



1In September 2015 the central train station of Munich, once again, came to international media attention as a site of arrival.

For thousands of refugees, after an exhausting and often dangerous journey, the first step into Germany was in Munich. In the train station itself, memorable scenes of welcoming took place.



What happens after the welcome?

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Christine Umpfenbach, Bernd Kasparek, Suli Kurban, Denijen Pauljevic, Andrea Huber und Jonas Langreiter are consumed with the refugees topic either by way of their profession or biography.

Their website gives refugees a voice and locals a means to become more familiar with who these refugees might be.

Nice typography too.



A debate on integration has flared in Germany after New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne, where more than 100 women reported being sexually assaulted or robbed by men described as being of Arab or North African origin. Norway may just show Germany the way after sex attacks.

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