Credit Mark Schiefelbein/Associated Press

The Communist Party is abolishing limits on presidential terms, effectively allowing President Xi Jinping to lead China indefinitely. Credit Mark Schiefelbein/Associated Press

Tuesday morning brief

Tuesday morning brief

The world tilts toward authoritarianism, Angela Merkel grooms a successor and the colosseum gets snow.

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Refers to an article on Apple’s move
of personal consumer data to China

Here’s what the NYTimes really asks: “Are we in the era of the strongman?” Details how China’s move to extend the rule of President Xi Jinping fits into a global shift toward unabashed authoritarianism, unchecked by the U.S.

Wicki and the strong men Source:

Wicki and the strong men

Each era is also the era of the strong individual (power loner)

As you might know, the strongman desire is not exactly a call for a strong individual. Au contraire, with a healthy citizen, the strong individual (power loner), as the German author and international campus darling, Thomas Meinecke nailed it in the early eighties. Allow me to ad, at best she is free-spirited and on her own.

A wild spirited one is by no means liberal. She allows herself what she rather often denies others.