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Answers by Cindy Gallop


Q: Cindy what makes someone sexy?
A: Loving themselves + loving sex.
Q: What makes a brand sexy?
A: The willingness to take chances.
Q: What are 4 signs that a company is willing to change the game?

  1. Understanding the biggest risk is not taking one.
  2. Realizing when the world zigs you have to zag.
  3. Hearing straight talk from me and welcoming it.
  4. Willing to pay my premium fees for presmium results.

Q: Why do you want to blow shit up?
A: Because too many people and companies are to scared to.
Q: Why do you love Gucci under Tom Ford?
A: Because he designed for strong, powerful, confident, sexy women.
Q: What is a bit of the history of your home?
A: It used to be the men’s locker and shower room at the YMCA. I live where they wrote the song about. Greast feng shui ; )
Q: What 4 things excite you about 2010?

  3. Everyone having reexamined their values and drawing on what’s real
  4. My sister Melanie’s small familly wedding on June 24/25

Q: I have a boring brand, give me some quick advice
A: Someone somewhere is excited by it. Talk to them, find out what excites them and then gett on that to reposition yourself to everyone else. But always true to yourself.