In 2010 ...  ... I wrote 38 blog post that elicited 248 comments.  Read a mere 15 books. Peter Hoeg's "The Quiet Girl" was my favorite.  Enjoyed meeting in person: Matt, Conrad, Celestine, Marci, Adrian, Saneel, Scott, Aaron, Ben, Edward, Daniel, Tim, Helen, Jon, Gareth, Adam, Seth, Richard, Andrew, Teressa. Enjoyed meeting a lot more of them online.  Started working for the best agency in New York. Also started working with the best planner in New York, Nicole.  Presented 1x at Miami Ad School.  Went 1x to Creative Social in Amsterdam.  Since May, I ran + biked 526.05 miles for 76.04 hours. That burned 15lbs, powered 74.42 TVs, saved 27.69 gas and burned 293.01 donuts.  Embarked on the 86-mile adventure with Brian, from Tom's River to Ocean City, NJ. Read 52 issues of the NewYorker. Articles that spurred my interest: "Food Fighter," "The Truth Wears Off", "A Widow's Story," "Cancer World" "The Cleopatriad" "Counterfeit Roth" "Missing Woman" "Finest Hours: The Making of Winston Churchill," and "The Pink Panthers"  Wrote a 204 page dissertation. Got one doctoral degree.  Published 3 articles in AdAge.  Went 2x to Serbia. 1x to Amsterdam and San Francisco.

Ana Andjelics adored year 2010 round up


Andjelic Upstart

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How a promising career and a good life unfolds in the light of the public eye with the aid of social media and a little help from a friend.


Skip through Ana’s year 2010 round up and you get the idea what your digital footprints can do for your reputation in the natural world.


Ana’s entry makes it easy on the rest of us to understand why your digital footprint will likely outperform your activities in the natural world in the years ahead.



i don’t care about why people do things, i care about how they do them.


fav post from December 2, 2009

this man was talked to death

Talk kills


Insights you won’t gain anywhere else, aside from posts by individuals you discover and choose to trust incl. massive learnings from associated links.


Learning is the most essential of all survival strategies and of greater value to the individual lifespan than is sex or reproduction.


The value of individuals involvement in publicness is more effective in protecting life and democracy than is the right to own firearms.


In 2010…—Ana Andjelic, i love marketing


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