Point your browser at 40.wwf.fr and don’t skip the ad.

The German design nation’s WWF website is far less empathic with raising funds for world wildlife.

Instead of making an impression with strong imagery as the French have chosen to and parallax scrolling, included support of world wide standard HTML5.0 und CSS, German decision makers have come to believe that raising funds for the safety of animals can only be achieved by selling cheap Panda maskots.

Instead of strong imagery they make us of what they believe are strong arguments which to my ears sound embarrisingly banal.

The German design nations clings on to coding platforms that can only be maintained by professional coders instead of adopting the international standard. Why? German coders have been trained to use Drupal, Typo3 while not one commercial success of the past 15 years made use of any of those CMS systems. They are good for coders but no good for end users.



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