Citroën Cactus re-introduces front bench seat to European cars

A simplistic analog idea in today’s dominance of digital puts Citroën back on the radar.



Darling, why do cars have separate front seats?



Airbump. Nice to have when shopping carts run free.



My second, third and last car was a Citroën and when the poor folks at Publicis, Vienna, Austria had me introduce myself to the Renault client, I thought it was a good idea to mention my favorite car. The client seamlessly concluded my introduction to favoring french cars, the account director however was terribly embarrassed and soon later got rid of me.

Citroën was popular as innovative but was never credited for its invention of “the thing”. The thing allowed for smoother or a less sea-sickening driving experience. It also allowed to lower the car when parked so it would barely touch the ground and practically lay down on the street. The reason I became a Citroën driver in the first place. That same thing is what makes low riders jump in early Rap videos.

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