Sasha Grey for American Apparel

Sasha Grey for American Apparel



Unparalleled American Apparel

When it comes to integrated campaigning, the most commonly used industry wide definition is to have a campaign unfold across multiple channels. Say TV, radio and print. The proper definition however is universally holistic in the making. That is any chunk of the campaign, say its brand website or its print ad, is in itself wholesomely integrated. With each part of the concept contributing to the other to achieve a seamless experience in both each campaign part being functionally and emotionally connected.

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Sweatshop Free. Made in Downtown LA.
founded 1996



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American Apparel strives to be a capitalist success at the same time that it is a social and environmental success. American Apparel’s approach to branding and its brand positioning is in itself integrated. It caters to multiple levels of requirements the brand faces from multiple stakeholders and their different and entirely individual viewpoints.

Dov Charney has built American Apparel into a $250 million-a-year business, selling T-shirts, swimsuits, and underwear, all made at his downtown Los Angeles plant. Since November, 2003, when American Apparel opened its first store, 53 retail outlets in five countries have opened.

American Apparel digital marketing is more customer focused and more functional, to a degree of practical intelligence we have come to acknowledge great women for. The user is encouraged to supply fashion photos or can choose to become linked in with their own fashion blog. The do it yourself IKEA knack, where customers assemble the purchased furniture on their own or Amazon customers supplying shots of missing book covers. Apparel is sexy connected and does not stop short at pure functionality and usability.



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