Year 2010

Mt. Bromo, East of Java, Indonesia
Photography Hengki Koentjoro © 2010 All rights reserved

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The year began with the amazing emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson river with survivors only and amazement wouldn’t end there.


The web, as if a man made creature with a will of its own, is forcing the world to return to the learned and proven roots and behaviors of an organic marketplace despite all money thrown at it by commercial enterprises.


amazing dispatch, amazing rescue, amazing captain & crew

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With my very late entry into blogging, I have come to discover new German intelligence. Thought leaders and talents the likes of Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse who has characterized the psychological benefits of the web as an offer of the possibility of permanent closeness.


Nico Lumma with a sharp mind and authentic language reminds me of the unsurpassed talents that help Derek Sivers stay in close touch with an ever growing following.


Just as amazing, young Creative Director Matthias Storath has demonstrated the power of ideas with a whole new approach to tv commercials with his robust poetic variations for Hornbach home depot.




After 25 good years in international advertising, I have returned to Munich, and live in walking distance from the orphanage I stem from, read my good story here.


As we ever more often come across good reasons for something to believe in, serious distrust in overcome instances of establishment is growing as well.


Transformation is in full swing. I am lucky to have had the privilege to introduce IPA social, the 10 principles to the German speaking market found here, and will want to keep at it this coming year with increased efforts to help the advertising industry reach sanity during the transformation.


So yes, everything is amazing and noone is happy—Louis CK on Late Night w/Conan O’Brien