Almost no chance the two will meet Source: The Martin Agency

Citroën DS3 limited edition 1955, 2015. Publicis La Maison, France. Source.





Creative Chairman
Executive Creative Directors
TV Prod. Prodigious


Citroën DS3: Soulmate
Almost no chance the two will ever meet
Publicis La Maison, France
Anne de Maupeou
Fabien Teichner, Dimitri Guerassimov
Souen Le Van

Cleo Ferencz
Rob Chiu
Jérôme Echenoz (Tactell)





A print ad for Paco Rabanne comes to mind by Ogilvy & Mather.
Here goes:


“You snore.”
“And you steal all the covers. What time did you leave?”
“Six-thirty. You looked like a toppled Greek statue lying there. Only some tourist had swiped your fig leaf. I was tempted to wake you up.”
“I miss you already.”
“You’re going to miss something else. Have you looked in the bathroom yet?”
“I took your bottle of Paco Rabanne cologne.”
“What on earth are you going to do with it…give it to a secret lover you’ve got stashed away in San Francisco?”
“I’m going to take some and rub it on my body when I go to bed tonight. And then I’m going to remember every little thing about you…and last night.”
“Do you know what your voice is doing to me?
“You aren’t the only one with imagination. I’ve got to go; they’re calling my flight. I’ll be back Tuesday. Can I bring you anything?”
“My Paco Rabanne. And a fig leaf.”

1Pollux, 2008



A broader audience may have witnessed any of the Star Wars tone poems, recollected elsewhere on this blog. And more recently WordPress’ claim: Coding is poetry.



Paco Rabanne ad by Ogilvy & Mather

Paco Rabanne ad by Ogilvy & Mather ca. 197’s



Today’s poetry not only takes place in coding but every so often on twitter and most certainly on a tumblr called “this isn’t happiness™”.

You’ll find more serious poetry in commercial arts than in fine arts, and you stand a good chance that the two paths will propably never cross.

Read on for a brief history of Citroën DS print ads.



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  1. Pollux 2008