The New Yorker Cartoon by S. Gross

The New Yorker Magazine Cartoon by S. Gross

“All’s Well That Ends Well”


Problems do not matter so long as the outcome is good. (disambiguation). William Shakespeare (1741).

“When I now have a look at the world of commercial realities, then it’s a market world. Then it’s a world that follows algorithms and it’s following a plan. By the plan of costs/benefit, of profit maximization and more.

Now stories that follow a plan, are not really stories. A story evolves when something comes in its way. When a plan won’t add up, when a plan won’t work, something takes a surprising turn”.

What the gentlemen, Precht and Kluge have each other to say in a tv episode by German television on behalf of a complex world and its helpless inhabitants, comes to life by association.



Wild stories

Sleeping Beauty, 100 years of deep sleep as consequence of disruption…

Karl May, who’s „Wild Kurdistan” was published in 1892 and „In the land of Mahdi” take the reader along on the same route, refugees are using these days to escape their countries.

History can make us immune to the coarsest mistakes and we get to learn from the two, that grave mistakes dissolve in acceptance of their contextual surroundings.

Kluge und Brecht swiftly touch the influence of digital public and find to hospitality. Hospitality is capable of dissolving current dramas.

People closing their borders, may have more peace and quiet, but neither luck nor happiness.
Watch a complex world

In command of the German language, enjoy a layed back conversation with Germany’s best known philosopher, Richard David Precht and the author, director Alexander Kluge.