Starbucks Red


Starbucks launched it’s Project Red contribution December 2009. Google returns 7.740.000 search results for Starbucks Red. The advert titled Starbucks Love Project was done by BBDO New York. You can find it here. Chris Palmer directed the video. Creative Directors are David Carter and Linda Honen. The reliable and elegant RIA application was developed by Craig Bryant and his good people at We Are Mammoth, contracted by Tool of North America in conjunction with Ricardo Cabello. Enjoy the uplifting tune:

Global Sing Along

Monday, December 7 at exactly 8:30 a.m. ET on that day, musicians worldwide joined together in a performance of The Beatles classic “All You Need Is Love.” This performance was live-streamed online at After the live sing along, anyone will be able to upload their own version of “All You Need Is Love” to the Starbucks Love Project site, with money donated to the Global Fund for each video.

This project is the culmination of a partnership between (RED) and Starbucks that started over a year ago. Since that time, seven million daily doses of anti-retroviral AIDS medication have been distributed via the sale of (RED) products through Starbucks.

As part of this massive campaign, Starbucks has also partnered with Facebook to spread the message to the online social network’s hundreds of millions of users. For the first five times a Facebook user logs on after 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, they will see a Starbucks promotion inviting them to join in the campaign. This is the largest global campaign ever for both Facebook and Starbucks, with the potential to reach a huge percentage of Americans and tens of millions more Internet users around the world.

Starbucks also asks users of its Love site to contribute a love drawing to their online gallery. For each drawing added — up to one million — Starbucks and (RED) will donate five cents to the Global Fund.