Age of do's not don'ts
Photo: danielledynomite © 2011. All rights reserved.
We now live in the age of ideas that do

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  • Stop communicating products and start making communication products.
  • Useful, entertaining, memorable. Not interruptive experiences.
  • Create, don’t just fill, media space.
  • Don’t just communciate a product – Make communication products

Gareth Kay, bionic marketing man who introduced us to “What we can learn from the mating habits of birds”, has returned from Boulder, Colorado with another insightful presentation to share. It does not aim at providing help with digital channels, but strategy in a digital world.
Here’s a quote by Andy Herzfeld from one slide which makes us look back at what is now as if it was in the past:
“This stuff is as mainstream as it can be. Google, the iPhone – these move the culture more than The Beatles did in the ’60’s. It shaping the human race.”