Advertising Age responsive redesign

Advertising Age responsive redesign

Since I left my ad agency in 2006 and ended up with a compulsive mad man disorder, I help transform my industry into a new advertising age and pick up on where people of the 17th Century left of in the age of enlightenment. I was wrong. It did work though…


New Advertising Age

It worked the other way around. Advertising didn’t need to transform into new advertising, digital became the new classic and the new digital turned classic.

Now it is all classic, above the line and all those ridiculous special units turned themselves in. What’s left is one all star ad unit, finally capable of handling integrated communications in the best interest and in collaboration of the consumer user.

I was always convinced, that websites can change the world and that an automotive site which doesn’t suck can safe the workplaces of thousands of automotive workers.

Liquid design, is now called responsive design – is all the rage.

AOL, R/GA, PR Newswire, the Guardian, food blogs, marketing blogs… are all doing the responsive thing.

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