Drum Kit: £79.99. Subject to availability.
Argos & The & Partnership

“It’s usually hard to get excited about Christmas when you’re still two months away, and the marketing around it can be especially exasperating so early in the calendar. But here’s a worthy exception.”

David Griner

As adorable as I find the ad, I found the YouTube video posted in her own words by the girl who plays the drums. Adorable

“I am Nandi Bushell, the drummer girl in the 2019 Argos Christmas advert. I hope you enjoy my performance jamming to ‘Don’t you forget about me’ By Simple Minds.”

Nandi Bushell

When I was around Nandi’s age, I forced my birthday party guests to endure my performance of The Beatles Hey Jude accompanied by a lesser well-built drum set my parents ordered for me from Sears catalog.


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