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iconic ©Kraft Ketchup
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demonstrttes a user experience dominated by iconography.

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In the 1980’s one of the best automotive campaigns came from Munich. A red Alpha Romeo cruising through the lush green of the narrow, winding
scenic roads of Bavaria. ??

All these adverts we are surrounded by, packed with multiple colors and multiple options spilled out in a media ocean filled with alluring colors and overwhelming options, would have to be succeeded by an ad showing one thing only, preferably that one thing would be cut out on a clean white page. That’s is what I refer to as iconography.

What do we long for more
than a little respect?

The client with his agency can be more responsive toward the consumer with basic human knowledge and by finally focusing on the essentials, if only the agency would grant their client and her prospectives the attention they agreed on by signing the contract and got paid for.

There is nothing wrong with the current flood of attempted story telling. Alas, a step closer to the abyss of adding dissipating layers leading away from essentials, namely the product, its use and eventually leaving it out altogether.

Marketing Is Not About Your Company’s Values
It’s about your customer’s values — and aspiration

Kris Gage

The iconographic display

The display of a product, it’s unique handling and use improving the lives of its users to no compare, attracts the eye instantly and leaves room2 for the eye and mind to rest upon and pay attention to when stripped of all distraction, surrounding, even context.

Soft sell

I love hard sell, headlines spanning more than one line below the key visual in which a sexy transgender poses to present the car. My reccomendation for family, friends and paying clients however would have to be to place their bets on unobtrive, ideally upbeat responsiveness. We owe ourselves respect and responsiveness, especially amid a torn atmosphere where disruption and fragmentation is taking us closer to the breaking point of no return.

this man was talked to death (could no longer determine the source, sorry for that)

Hal Riney placed his bets on soft sell and his agency’s automobile campaign for Saturn cars has proven the fact that advertising can boost sales by being responsive. Personally, I like it straight-up, without the sedate yakety-yak. Right on, don’t you?

  1. When watching a downhill race on tv, I notice that it was very hard to decipher what brand of ski the competitors were using. I could not differentiate the make of the skis, all were covered with design elements except for one. It stood out with its fluorescent red tip. So I investigated to identify the make. []
  2. white space[]