One tells you to be unique. To have a unique selling proposition for your brand and to be of a surprise at every touch point.

The only state I could think of being astoundingly unique is that of super normal.

It is very rare to come across, you be surprised to even notice. This is because it has become common place to be surrounded by the unusual, the outrageous.

Naoto Fukasawa coined the sensation of the ordinary. But I think it was always inherit with those conservative creatives, who also have an irresistible hang for progress.

A company homepage is more responsive if you strip off all the usual enhancements. Huge Images (even if only visible on large format desktop or tv monitors) have gotten tiring on the eye. Parallax scrolling has taken on the missuse we knew and deserted flash for…

Modesty in appearance and behavior is the new uniqueness.

Darius Foroux’s site has an Alexa rank of 158.636. Seth Godin’s site rank is 202,580.’s Alexa rank is 1. Now look at their design. Can you have any less?