The Seven Crystal Balls (1948) - p. 31 ©Hergé

The Seven Crystal Balls (1948) – p. 31 ©Hergé



The consumer returns to being a citizen




When did the citizen decide to become a consumer?



If she knew then what she knows today, would she have arrived at such a decision? Taking on the role of the pawn victim – however unenlightened – for an agreement between leading businesses and government agencies that are not in your favor? After what whistleblower Edward Snowden’s has leaked in the NSA affaire? Maybe not.

Analog issues to be resolved owe their discovery to preceding digital reflections. What Zeynep Tufekci may have been thinking for his Medium article and wants us to be reminded of:



It’s time to rethink our nightmares about surveillance.





Should consumers want to return to being citizens, a continuation of 18th century age of enlightenment becomes plausible in the early 21. century.